The Cat Nightgown

I finished the nightgown for my daughter.I made a muslin in the size 3 which I posted here. This one I had cut out in a size 6 before I completed the muslin and regretted it. I don’t like this pattern (McCall’s 6459).

I did end up using bias tape since I didn’t have piping in a color that would work and right now I have to only use what I have. No going to the store to purchase piping. I did have matching bias tape. I attached the bias tape in a different way. I unfolded the bias tape and place the first fold (of the wider part of the bias tape) along the stitch line, with the rest of the bias tape beneath the stitching line. I stitched in the fold. Then I folded up the bias tape and encased the seam allowance and front edge with the bias tape. I stitched along the top and then again at the bottom with a 3mm stitch length (it looks nicer with the slightly longer stitches).


I did omit the back button, this nightgown is so big on my daughter she doesn’t even need it. She could even fit the size 3 over her head without the button, barely. My daughter didn’t like hos long the sleeves were on the size 3 or size 6 so I shorten them by 3″! She wanted them shorter but then I would be going into the armhole. There is about a 1/2″ underarm seam left.

I couldn’t cut out the bottom ruffle because I didn’t have enough fabric, so I was going to leave it as is. My daughter really wanted a ruffle, so I looked through all my trims and found this sheer ruffle I had bought for another project but then used something else. The ruffle was perfect so I attached it to the bottom.

While I was working on this night gown I noticed a defect in the fabric! You can’t it much in the front but you can see it in the back. I hope it won’t effect the durability of the fabric since I hope this nightgown will last years since I made it so big.

When I was cutting out the fabric I had also found a printed defect. There were brown smudges on the fabric. This Doesn’t wash off since I believe it is from when they were printing the brown cats. I thought I had cut around the smudges but one of the sleeves has a bit right at the top! So I am stuck with it. Otherwise this nightgown came together real nice and fairly easy.



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